Los Angeles, California - People in the midst of alcohol or drug addiction tend to imagine life without those substances as one of deprivation, which can make kicking the habit seem like a joyless and dreary prospect. But recovery from addiction has at least as much to do with rewarding oneself as it does with depriving oneself, according to a new book by a UCLA expert in addiction treatment.

Washington, DC - Baker’s Dozen + 1: Stephen Baker’s Top Holiday 2015 Expectations - NPD Highlights: Consumer Tech for the Holidays:

Washington, DC - The world in general can be a dim place.  However here are eight keys to making life better.

Cambridge, Massachusetts - Are you a safe driver? According to MIT alumnus Brad Cordova SM ’13, co-founder of driving-data-analytics startup Censio, you’ll probably answer “yes,” but the real answer may be “no.”

West Lafayette, Indiana - Consumers can expect below normal increases in the price of food for Thanksgiving dinner this year, with one exception: turkey.

San Luis, Arizona - Visit the San Luis Library for crafting! There is no charge to attend.