Atlanta, Georgia - America Newscape sharing some DIY courtesy of our favorite TV contractor Chip Wade the “Original Emmy Winning Host of HGTV shows like Elbow Room, Curb Appeal, The Block just to name a few.

Phoenix, Arizona - Justin Case of America Newscape joins friend and mentor Joyce Rockwood for some insight on how she teaches healing from the inside out. Joyce joins us to share an obtainable natural health solution…Vegetable Juicing matters.

San Diego, California - Summer’s here, so with some self-care enhancers for the season is our lifestyle and consumer trends expert, Merilee Kern via Justin Case and America Newscape:

Imperial, California - And then there is the tale of the bakery in Finland that nearly had to shut down due to the pandemic. But, owner, Sanna Lampinen, saved the day when she baked a cake in the shape of a roll of toilet paper, according to the Association of Mature American Citizens. 

Phoenix, Arizona - Gorgeous Glowing Skin For Life via Joyce Rockwood CCH:

Seminole, Pennsylvania - The coronavirus crisis has most of the nation housebound causing hardships as many of us as we begin to run out of necessities such as toilet paper. But Olive Veronesi wasn’t seeking toilet tissue when she went to a front window of her home and held up a sign for all to see that read: "I need more beer."