Cambridge, Massachusetts - Sleep is usually considered an all-or-nothing state: The brain is either entirely awake or entirely asleep. However, MIT neuroscientists have discovered a brain circuit that can trigger small regions of the brain to fall asleep or become less alert, while the rest of the brain remains awake.

Rochester, Minnesota - ADHD stands for attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder. It's a condition that is common in young and old alike, and can occur in both males and females. It tends to start during the early grade school years and very often persists into adulthood.

Los Angeles, California - Halloween-themed plates at a Labor Day party. A bride in a green gown with her groom in a purple tuxedo and no wedding party. An obituary that declares of the deceased: “Regina had no hobbies, made no contribution to society, and rarely shared a kind word or deed in her life.”

Imperial, California - A growing trend among millennials [young men who have come of age in the first decade and half of the new century] is to put their hair up in what they call "man buns," reports the Association of Mature American Citizens.  It's "cool," they say.

Hollywood, California - "The Martian" is one of the best Space Movies I have ever seen. Matt Damon deserves an Oscar for his performance, indeed every character in this film resonates *Real*. The Ode to Science and Math that resonates through this story makes up for the plot line Suspensions of Disbelief on some unlikely stuff (like the Weather on Mars) hey, it's a Movie, after all.

Berkeley, California - Surveillance and privacy are waging a full-on arms race as technology advances, says Jeffrey MacKie-Mason, UC Berkeley’s incoming university librarian and chief digital scholarship officer. And surveillance is winning.