Scottsdale, Arizona - This colorful salsa, made with bell peppers and pineapple, is the perfect topping for tortilla chips or grilled fish. And if you're in a rush, use roasted red peppers from a jar instead of roasting your own.

Rochester, Minnesota - If you've heard of or read about mindfulness - a form of meditation - you might be curious about how to practice it. Find out how to do mindfulness exercises and how they might benefit you.

Scottsdale, Arizona - Several herbal remedies have been studied as a treatment for anxiety, but more research is needed to understand the risks and benefits. Here's what we know and don't know:

Denver, Colorado - She was traveling home from Paris to Denver and the flight attendant gave her an apple but she was not hungry so she put it in her purse planning to eat it later. That’s where the wayfarer, Crystal Tadlock went wrong, according to the Association of Mature American Citizens. 

Rochester, Minnesota - If you’ve ever lost your voice, you know how hard it can be to communicate. Vocal health is so important, there is a day set aside to promote it: World Voice Day on April 16.

Durham, North Carolina - Eateries are always looking for new dishes to entice customers, but the Bull City Burger and Brewery in Durham, may have gone a dish too far when it added Tarantula Burgers to its menu. Then again, says the Association of Mature American Citizens, the restaurant did offer a prize for patrons who paid $30 for the tasty treat - a "tarantula challenge" T-shirt.