Moscow, Russia - The Special Representatives of Russia, China, and the United States of America held their fourth consultation on the Afghan peace process in Moscow on October 25, 2019.  Russia, China, the United States and Pakistan also held the second round of four-party consultations.  Respectful of the sovereignty, independence, and territorial integrity of Afghanistan, participants discussed ways to support the Afghan people’s desire for a lasting peace.  

To that end, participants:

  1. Acknowledged the widespread and sincere demand of the Afghan people for lasting peace and an end to the war.
  2. Reviewed the current situation in Afghanistan and their joint efforts to reach a sustainable settlement in the country by political and diplomatic means.
  3. Confirmed that a sustainable peace can be achieved only through a negotiated political settlement.
  4. Committed to work with the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, both government leaders and others, and the Taliban to reach a comprehensive and sustainable peace agreement that ends the war for the benefit of all Afghans and that contributes to regional stability and global security.
  5. In order to create an environment conducive for negotiations, urged all sides to immediately reduce violence.
  6. Stated their expectations that all sides will observe a ceasefire for the duration of intra-Afghan negotiations to enable participants to reach agreement on a political roadmap for Afghanistan’s future.
  7. Called on the Afghan government and the Taliban to release significant numbers of prisoners at the start of intra-Afghan negotiations.
  8. Reaffirmed that any peace agreement must include protections for the rights of all Afghans, including women, men, children and minorities, and should respond to the strong desire of Afghans for economic, social, and political development including rule of law.
  9. Called on all Afghans including the government and the Taliban to ensure international terrorists do not use Afghan soil to threaten the security of any other country.
  10. Highlighted the importance of fighting illegal drug production and trafficking and urged all sides to eliminate the drug threat in Afghanistan.
  11. Encouraged all concerned countries to support the Afghan people and contribute to a lasting peace settlement in the interest of all.
  12. Welcomed the Chinese proposal to host the next intra- Afghan meeting in Beijing with the participation of a wide range of political figures of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, including representatives of the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, other Afghan leaders and the Taliban.
  13. Noted the importance of current consultations with further involvement of other interested actors on the basis of the trilateral consensus agreed on April 25, 2019 in Moscow.
  14. Expressed their appreciation to the Russian side for organizing the four- party consultations and agreed to settle the date and venue of the next meeting through diplomatic channels.