Hong Kong, China - U.S. Customs and Border Protection will enroll nearly 500 American citizens residing in Hong Kong into the Global Entry program October 20-23.

This mobile enrollment event is among the largest held abroad and is a testament to the program’s success and popularity.

“We appreciate the support of the American Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong, which provided facilities for interviews,” CBP Attaché Therese Randazzo.  “Business travelers were able to apply for the APEC Business Travel Card along with their Global Entry enrollment, an added benefit for those traveling frequently among APEC members economies.”

In 2014, CBP began accepting applications from U.S. citizens into the Asian Pacific Economic Cooperation Business Travel Card program.  This program offers cardholder’s access to APEC lanes at all U.S. international airports and affords and affords enrolled citizens expedited entry into foreign economies across the Asia-Pacific region. To be eligible for this program, U.S. citizens must be a member of a U.S. trusted traveler program.

U.S. citizens residing in Hong Kong became interested in this opportunity to enroll in the Global Entry program and the ABTC program without having to travel to the U.S. for the required interview.

Within three months, nearly 500 Americans submitted online applications and scheduled Global Entry interviews in Hong Kong.  This overwhelming response led CBP to send three officers with equipment to Hong Kong to complete the enrollment process.  Global Entry is a Trusted Traveler Program that allows expedited CBP processing for low-risk, pre-approved international travelers upon arrival to the U.S.

As of October 1 there are more than 2.46 million members who have used GE kiosks more than 18 million times.  Global Entry benefits include reduced wait times, TSA Pre✓® eligibility and access to expedited entry benefits in other countries. 

Enrollment information for the Global Entry Program, Trusted Traveler Program or the APEC Business Travel card  is available at www.CBP.gov.