Washington, DC - Mexican Foreign Secretary Claudia Ruiz Massieu and Secretary of State John Kerry:

SECRETARY KERRY: Good afternoon, everybody. I’m delighted this afternoon to be able to welcome for her first visit – official visit as the foreign minister Claudia Ruiz Massieu to Washington, and want to reaffirm in significant ways the criticality of the relationship with Mexico. We do more and more with Mexico today than ever before. Together with Canada, the Canada-North America-Mexico trilateral relationship is an enormous economic bloc, an enormous security relationship which has profound impact and ability to contribute on any number of global issues.

We obviously want to talk about the TPP and its implementation, and in addition to that, on a bilateral basis, we are engaged in any number of common interests. We’re particularly grateful to Mexico for the cooperation and help with respect to orderly migration. We’ve been working very, very hard to achieve that. We had a challenge a few – during last year with unaccompanied children. Mexico stepped up and was extremely helpful in working with us on that issue.

So I very much look forward to working with Claudia and also with – just continuing the conversation today so we can map out our security and economic dialogue over the course of the days ahead. Thank you. Welcome, happy to have you in Washington.

FOREIGN SECRETARY MASSIEU: Thank you. Thank you, Secretary. I want to express my full appreciation for us meeting here. This is my first time in Washington as secretary of foreign affairs. And President Pena and all his government fully appreciate the United States and Mexico’s shared vision regarding our relationship and the need for us to keep on working together to make our region more prosperous, inclusive, and secure. Thank you for your efforts and your friendship.

SECRETARY KERRY: Thank you so much.


SECRETARY KERRY: Welcome. (Inaudible.)


SECRETARY KERRY: Thank you, everybody.


SECRETARY KERRY: Appreciate it. Thank you.