Rochester, Minnesota - If you're kicking off another outdoor running season, think about how to prevent injuries. As many as half of all runners suffer some form of an injury every year. Learn the steps you can take to stay strong and pain-free mile after mile.

Los Angeles, California - As teams take the field for baseball’s opening day on Thursday, here’s a disturbing fact: Although multiple studies have researched possible causes of shoulder and elbow pain in the sport, injuries continue to occur. In the past 15 years, Major League Baseball players on the disabled list accounted for $7 billion in lost wages.

Kirkland, Washington - Overload Golf announced a partnership with Cut Golf today. Overload Golf brings together complementary businesses, ideas, products and markets, while applying innovation from other industries to golf. The partnership includes access to Overload Golf's extensive network, market expertise, resources and promotion of Cut Golf products.

Orlando, Florida - Sixty-four NFL assistant coaches and front office executives representing all 32 NFL teams will take part in the annual NFL Career Development Symposium March 22-24 in Orlando.

Los Angeles, California - The 2018 Major League Baseball season will begin Thursday, March 29, marking the earliest opening day in MLB history. A lot has changed for players over the course of nearly 200 years — much of it because of advancements in science and medicine.

Rochester, Minnesota - Stretching may take a back seat to your exercise routine. The main concern is exercising, not stretching, right?