Washington, DC - As the Navy braces for the potential impact of storms in the Atlantic and Pacific, some commands may experience disruptions in administering the Cycle 240 Active-Duty E-5 Advancement Exam as scheduled.

All commands should make every effort to adhere to the Navy-wide Advancement Exam schedule as published, while keeping safety of their Sailors as the top priority.

Commands that are unable to administer the E-5 exam on Thursday, September 13, as a result of anticipated extreme weather conditions or due to sortie evolutions, are authorized to administer the regular E-5 exam through Thursday, September 20.  However, all participating Sailors within a command must complete the E-5 exam on the same date, and commanding officers must maintain the continued integrity of the advancement exam.

For Sailors who are unable to take the E-5 exam between September 13-20 due to regional inclement weather, commands should administer substitute exams.