Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - Still looking for that last minute gift? Enhance any gardener’s home by adding a green touch to their lives this holiday. There’s nothing better than a creative, personalized gift that can be enjoyed season after season. With an abundance of unique containers and plant varieties, there is something perfect for every recipient on your list.

“This year, spice up the holiday’s with a gift that will make someone smile,” says Katie Dubow of Garden Media Group, a public relations firm specializing in the gardening and outdoor lifestyle industry.

Is the recipient interested in healthy living, DIY or decorating? No matter the desire, garden retailers have a variety of unique products sure to please nearly everyone.

Longfield Gardens’ Paperwhite Bulb Kits ($9.90 - $64.90)

Within four weeks of planting, this easy-to-grow indoor plant will bloom. Paperwhites produce big clusters of pure white, star-shaped flowers that carry a robust aroma and bring a touch of spring into the home. Personalize this gift kit with a unique container and bulbs for that special recipient. Visit to learn more.

BrazelBerries® Raspberry Shortcake™ Shrub ($29.95)

The health conscious gardener will love this thornless dwarf raspberry plant, which produces full-size berries during the summer. The compact shape means a garden space is not required. It does great in containers, allowing gardeners to harvest delicious berries right from the patio. Plus, there are no thorns to get in the way. The plant will be shipped at the right time for spring planting. For more details, visit

Crown Bees Holiday Gift Kit ($161.95 with 10% discount)

Help raise much needed pollinators and grow more food and flowers with gentle crown bees. These tiny, busy bees outperform their honey bee cousins for pollinating spring and summer fruits, nuts and flowers and make wonderful garden companions. The kit is as simple to use as a birdfeeder. It includes “the works” to easily raise your own gentle, solitary mason and leafcutter bees to pollinate your garden. Perfect for the avid gardener, kids or those who want to make a difference to our nation's food supply. Visit for more information. Coupon code: Ilovebees

Longfield Gardens’ Amaryllis Bulb Kits ($16.95-$64.95)

Surprise party hosts with an unexpected gift this season — Longfield Garden’s stunning amaryllis bulbs. No bulbs bloom with greater color and beauty, and amaryllis are simple to grow. Bulbs will bloom four to eight weeks after planting and flowers will open wide to show off their striking coloration. Visit to learn more.

Costa Farms® Norfolk Island Pine ($9.99-$24.99)

Pick out a flawless, eco-chic and inexpensive green gift this holiday season. Costa Farms’ Norfolk Island Pine is the living gift that’s perfect for teachers, college students or apartment dwellers. When the holidays are over, just take off the decorations and continue to enjoy this houseplant year-round. An added bonus is that it naturally filters the air and adds much needed moisture to a room. Visit to learn more.

NativeCast’s Cast Your Own Container Kit ($20)

Crafters will love this DIY planter kit. The Hypertufa DIY kit takes NativeCasts’ DIY planters to the next level by using NativeCast’s eco-concrete and vermiculite and peat moss, too. Together, hypertufa mimics the texture, drainage and color of rock without any of the weight or fragility. No more fiddling with ratios of ingredients. Everything needed to create your own tabletop hypertufa planter is included. Visit for more DIY shapes, décor accents or planters.

If these choices aren’t exactly right, buy a gift certificate at a local garden center. It’s an easy and thoughtful gift since it’s tailored around the person’s biggest joy in life - gardening.