New York - Ask any cop and he or she will tell you that drug tests don’t lie. But, there’s a new mom in upstate New York who will attest to the fact that the results of such tests can get it wrong, says the Association of Mature American Citizens.  

Elizabeth Dominguez had a drug test while in labor and was told she tested positive for opiates. Even though she gave birth to a healthy daughter, who tested negative for drugs, she and her baby were separated. Elizabeth’s husband recalled that she had a bagel for breakfast that morning and it was covered with poppy seeds, which are used in many foods, including breads. But, they are also the source of opium. Her baby was finally returned to her, but the frustrated Mrs. Dominguez told one reporter: "All of this could have been so easily prevented. Expectant moms are warned not to eat all kinds of things -- why don't they warn about poppy seeds?"