Washington, DC - The folks at Universal Studios in Japan have done it again. According to the Association of Mature American Citizens the theme park set a new record for the most lights on their Christmas Tree - 580,806, to be precise. The remarkable thing, says AMAC, the theme park has been setting new Guinness Christmas light records each year for the past seven years. This year’s record topped their 2017 record by more than 10,000 additional lights.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the world, Italian bakers set their own Guinness World Record by cooking up a 732-pound panettone. AMAC reports that it took a team of six bakers at the Chocolate Academy Center in Milan 100 hours to bake the world’s biggest traditional Italian Christmas dessert using 55 pounds of dark chocolate, 15 1/2 pounds of ruby chocolate, 4 1/2 pounds of white chocolate and 55 1/2 pounds of sugar.