West Lafayette, Indiana - Faculty and staff in Purdue University’s College of Engineering have come up with a holiday gift guide that can help engage children in engineering concepts.

San Francisco, California - We may have robots to take care of us in the not-so-distant future, according to the Association of Mature American Citizens.

Cozumel, Mexico - One of Mexico’s most sought after and exclusive destinations is the Island of Cozumel. With the clarity of the ocean’s turquoise waters and pristine white sand beaches, it is simple to see why this destination is so popular. Premier Resort Vacations always strives to provide members with information on events happening in Cozumel, so they can take full advantage of their vacations.

Imperial, California - (BPT) - Family and friends make Thanksgiving special, but it’s the food that’s always the center of attention. From juicy turkey and creamy potatoes to zesty cranberries and buttery rolls, nobody leaves the table hungry. This year, delight guests by making the classic foods they love but with a few simple twists that will leave taste buds dancing.

Berkeley, California - For fourth-year Berkeley student Chloe Tsang, it isn’t necessary to take an international flight to encounter the”global poverty” she has studied in class. Hunger, should we choose to see it, is “at our back door,” on the streets of Berkeley - a reality not to ignore or lament, she believes, but to address with head and heart.

Imperial, California (BPT) - Your social calendar is packed to the brim with dinner parties, family activities and holiday festivities with loved ones. Whether you are hosting or attending as a guest, providing something delectable will always be a welcome addition to the celebration. Loved around the world, a scrumptious cheese platter is guaranteed to tempt everyone’s palate and be the perfect conversation starter.