Washington, DC - New or used, cars are big-ticket items. Four new 60-second videos from the Federal Trade Commission can help buyers shop with confidence. The mobile-friendly videos, in English and Spanish, offer important information for every stage of the car-buying process.

  • Spotting Deceptive Car Ads warns that some car ads promise low payments, no interest, or zero down, but may come with a catch. Researching a dealer’s reputation before visiting the dealership can help consumers steer clear of problems.
  • Buying a Used Car covers using online research, the Buyers Guide, a vehicle history report, and an independent inspection to be sure consumers know what they are buying before they buy.
  • Financing a Car encourages consumers to shop for financing before shopping for a car.
  • Understanding Car Add-ons talks about price-hiking products that dealers may offer.

The videos also are available at ftc.gov/cars and ftc.gov/carros. Please embed them on your website, use them in articles, link to them, and share them on social media. Also, check out our new Spanish-language fotonovela, Avoid Car-Buying Trouble. It tells how to avoid trouble when financing a car through the dealership. Order free copies in Spanish from bulkorder.ftc.gov and view it in English online.