Los Angeles, California - UCLA Police Chief James Herren spoke to the media and detailed how authorities responsed to the 911 call, which came in around 10 a.m.

“We immediately put out a Bruin Alert — that’s our campus alert notification system — to advise all of those in our campus community of an incident that occurred that could be dangerous to them,” said Herren during a news conference. “And we requested them to stay out of the area.”

Herren said hundreds of law enforcement personnel responded to the shooting, including police officers from UCLA, the Los Angeles Police Department and Santa Monica College, along with agents from the FBI and ATF, and Los Angeles Fire Department personnel.

“We have a lot of resources here that we’re dedicating to ensure the safety of the campus community,” Herren said. “It is something that we have trained to do. So when our officers arrived on scene they immediately began putting teams together ... to help those who have been injured and also search teams to look for suspects who may [have been] in the area.”