Washington, DC - Most Americans hope we never have to call the police. A call to the police usually means something bad is happening. However, we want the police if we need them. We hope that if we are in danger a policeman will be just a few moments away.

Charles Barkley is right. "Without cops, "Our neighborhoods would be like the wild, wild, west." St.Louis.cbslocal.com   Few if any Americans really want to live in towns where there is no police presence.

I've only had one irritating episode with a policeman. I was driving through a small town and crossed the yellow line. A young sheriff's deputy who obviously had nothing to do detained me for about fifteen minutes checking my registration and shining his flashlight in my truck. Finally, he was satisfied that I was not on drugs or alcohol.  Most likely I had been dialing the knob on my radio when I committed the unthinkable of crossing the yellow line.

I've also been pulled over for speeding. I've had a ticket or two and deserved them. Looking back those cops may have saved my life. Sometimes a brief pullover or interruption may save us from a catastrophe further down the road.

The recent New York City cop who choked Eric Garner to death was wrong.  What happened to tasers? There were plenty of cops of top of Garner they didn't need to choke him to death. I realize there are violet criminals that warrant aggressive measures. If they had been dealing with someone posing a threat or with the Taliban or ISIS I could understand.

Does anybody remember Rodney King? Never has such a brutal beating by so many police been captured on video for all to see.

Our country is extremely troubled. We don't need psycho police proving they are big macho policeman. On the other hand the citizens of this country have to be respectful of each other and the law. We can't walk down the streets threatening the police and talking trash to them.  Nor, are we in the position to resist arrest when breaking the law. The person wearing the badge and carrying the gun has the authority and is likely to react. 

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