Washington, DC - On the occasion of the 2019 Indo-Pacific Business Forum and the East Asia Summit in Bangkok, Thailand, the U.S. Department of State is pleased to release a progress report on the implementation of the U.S. whole-of-government strategy for the Indo-Pacific region. “A Free and Open Indo-Pacific: Advancing a Shared Vision” details two years of diplomatic, economic, governance, and security initiatives that show the United States’ continuing commitment to the Indo-Pacific and how we have strengthened people-to-people and bilateral ties.

In November 2017, President Trump outlined a vision for a free and open Indo-Pacific in which all countries prosper side by side as sovereign, independent states. This vision is based on values that have underpinned peace and prosperity in the Indo-Pacific for generations. Free, fair, and reciprocal trade, open investment environments, good governance, and freedom of the seas are goals shared by all who wish to prosper in a free and open future.

The report describes how the U.S. government works with allies and partners to implement our vision for a free and open Indo-Pacific region. It highlights U.S. resources directed to the region with support from the United States Congress, and it notes specific steps we have taken alongside allies and partners to realize our shared vision. This report builds on the Indo-Pacific Strategy Report, which articulated the Department of Defense’s role within the strategy.

The report is available at https://www.state.gov/a-free-and-open-indo-pacific-advancing-a-shared-vision/