Washington, DC - Meir David HaKohen Kahane lives! And he's affecting politics from the grave as Israel's highest court in an unprecedented move rubbed salt in the murdered Rabbi’s wounds by allowing radical anti-Zionist Arab parties Balad and the United Arab List on the ballot while banning Kahane-supporter Michael Ben-Ari.

Never mind that these approved parties support terrorism and want to see Israel cease from being a nation, the court-of-last-resort somehow summonsed other-world 'wisdom' saying, "Vote for anyone you want other than who we don't want you to vote for.”

The court apparently didn’t want to be confused with the fact that Dr. Ben-Ari is a former Knesset member of good standing whose views haven’t changed. They ousted him anyway, just three weeks before elections.

For what? Making comments critical of Arabs and committing the 'unpardonable sin' of 'daring' to post on Facebook that Israel must oppose terrorism. It’s a throwback to the scene in Casablanca where policeman Captain Louis Renault mustered feigned outrage over ‘discovering’ that there was gambling in Rick's Cafe, despite the fact that he was one of Rick’s regular gambling patrons.

Following the selective demonization of Netanyahu's alleged 'high crimes,' this court decision paves the way for a potential paradigm shift in the future Israel--if it’s allowed have a future.

It doesn't take a lot of imagination for anyone with a pulse to figure out what type of future Supreme Court justices the regime might confirm. Verdict in: No more Israel? No more problem.

Ah, all in the name of 'free and fair' elections in what might become the late great state of Israel.

Between the witch hunt against Netanyahu and the injection of land-for-false-peace Knesset members, anti-Zionist terrorists must be licking their chops. Oh, my, did I just commit a hate crime--for hating hate and loving Israel?