Washington, DC - The recent Imperial Valley News article about a lawsuit filed against Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt is misguided and wrong. The HSUS is the nation’s leading animal protection organization, with a strong presence in Oklahoma, where we investigate animal cruelty, support law enforcement and local groups, and advocate for enhanced legal protections for animals.  Pruitt’s attempts to strong-arm The HSUS are nothing more than politically-motivated fishing expeditions against us.

Los Angeles, California - A breakthrough by a team of researchers from UCLA, Columbia University and other institutions could lead to the more precise transfer of information in computer chips, as well as new types of optical materials for light emission and lasers.

Los Angeles, California - One of nature’s fascinating questions is how zebras got their stripes.

Berkeley, California - By the numbers, “contemporary terrorism is disproportionately Islamist,” writes Steven Fish, author of Are Muslims Distinctive? A Look at the Evidence. And many Muslims “express regret rather than revulsion over murder in the name of their faith,” he adds.

Davis, California - Women assigned an overweight avatar in a video tennis game didn’t play as hard as those assigned a slim one - regardless of the player’s actual size, according to a new study by the University of California, Davis.

Berkeley, California - Archaeologists continue to debate the reasons for the collapse of many Central American cities and states, from Teotihuacan in Mexico to the Yucatan Maya, and climate change is considered one of the major causes.