Sacramento, California - The California Energy Commission is committed to sharing and exchanging information about California’s pioneering and innovative energy policies with representatives from around the world.

The Energy Commission’s International Visitor Program, which began in 1986, has hosted more than 2,300 delegations. In 2015, the Energy Commission hosted 40 delegations from 42 countries and six continents. The top three countries were China, Japan and South Korea.

Some of the most popular topics during the visits included climate change, renewable energy, and energy efficiency.

“California cannot address climate change alone and it’s important that we share our successes of advancing clean energy and reducing air pollution with other countries,” said Energy Commission Chair Robert B. Weisenmiller.

In 2015, Energy Commission representatives were part of California delegations that traveled to China, Germany and Mexico to support Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr.’s initiatives to expand trade and collaborate on efforts to combat climate change and advance clean energy.