El Centro, California - Today, the Imperial County Board of Supervisors announced the appointment of Crystal Duran as the County Librarian to replace retiring current County Librarian Connie Barrington.  Ms. Duran will join the County of Imperial on March 4, 2016. 

“Although we are sad to see Mrs. Barrington retire, a dedicated public servant who has passionately worked hard to increase literacy among our youth, we are happy to have found someone who is just as enthusiastic about the success of the Imperial County Free Library program and who brings with her experience and ideas to ensure high quality library services for our communities,” stated Supervisor Jack Terrazas, Chairman of the Board.  “I wish Ms. Barrington well in her much-deserved retirement.”

Mrs. Barrington is retiring in June after serving as the Imperial County Librarian since 2001 and 20 total years of service in professional career as a librarian.  As the County Librarian, Ms. Duran will oversee the County of Imperial Free Library program and its four branches in Calipatria, Heber, Holtville and Salton City.  The Imperial County Free Library (ICFL) provides access to information and resources for members of the community in order to meet the residents’ educational, professional and personal information and reading needs.

About her new position, Ms. Duran stated, “I am ecstatic, humbled and beyond grateful for the opportunity to return home and serve our community as the County Librarian.  I was first inspired to pursue librarianship while working in local libraries providing tutoring for adult learners. It was while teaching adults things like how to use the computer, navigating the Internet and interacting with young children during story time that I realized the impact a library can have on a community.  I am an advocate of lifelong learning and I truly believe the library is central to community growth and engagement.”

Ms. Duran, an Imperial County native, graduated from Brawley Union High School and received her bachelor’s and master’s degrees from the University of California, Los Angeles.   She has more than eight years of experience working in libraries, including ICFL, Brawley Public Library, UCLA Law Library, Los Angeles Public Library and UCLA College Library.