El Centro, California - Imperial County Sheriff’s Office announced the completion ceremony for inmates attending courses with Imperial Valley Regional Occupational Program through a grant sponsored by the Second Chance Act.  The courses were designed to serve medium to high risk offenders to increase their education level and employability at the time of release.  The awarded 2nd Chance grant to the Imperial County Sheriff’s Office and IVSROP was written to target 45 incarcerated adults housed at ICSO and slated to be on probation.

The training provided moral recognition therapy; parenting, GED, career counseling and career technical assistance (HVAC, solar panel installation and construction). The ceremony recognized 14 inmates for their success in completing the 3 month course.  One of the students stated that he wanted to thank 2nd Chance because it helped him confront things about himself and face problems he didn’t realize were problems. It helped him share things he wouldn’t share with his significant other and other family members.  Another student said he had been doing time off and on for 25 years, and this is the first class that provided him tools to make better decisions and avoid incarceration.