Imperial County Sheriff’s Office - Imperial County Sheriff’s Office and Imperial Valley Regional Occupational Program announced the first completion of 24/7 Dad Curriculum course held at the Herbert Hughes Correctional Center. 

This was a 12 week program designed to help attendees with their transition from incarceration to home.  Additional goals for 24/7 Dad are to increase awareness and knowledge among fathers about the elements to becoming a good father, and increase capacity or skills to carry out what fathers may learn. 24/7 Dad teaches them methods to improving their skills in caring for children and building better relationships with the mother of their children. Each program includes evaluation tools that allow facilitators to measure changes in the fathers’ course of action as a result of participating in the programs. An inmate from the Imperial County Jail stated that his participation in this program will help him respond differently to situations when it comes to disciplining his children. This program also taught him to improve his communication skills with his children that will help him gain control of a situation rather than resorting to physical discipline, such as “spanking”.  He also credits the program by helping him understand that spending time with his children is very important and building a better relationship with the mother of the children is equally important, and recommends others [inmates] to participate in this course.

Imperial County Sheriff’s Office and IVROP have a long standing partnership and will be scheduling the next course soon.