El Centro, California - Last night, at approximately 10:00PM, Officers were dispatched to the 1600 Block of Adams in reference to a vehicle which collided with a bicyclist.  The vehicle was traveling west in the number one, far left lane, of  Adams Avenue.  The bicyclist was traveling east on the north side of Adams and rode off the curb and entered the roadway into oncoming traffic.

The bicycle was not properly equipped with a light as he entered the roadway in front of a parked vehicle which concealed him partially to traffic and prevented the driver of the vehicle driver from seeing the bicyclist in time to stop.   The driver attempted to swerve to avoid the collision.  Unfortunately this effort failed and the vehicle struck the bicyclist , knocking him off of the bicycle and into the roadway.   The bicyclist’s injuries included sever injuries to his legs and pelvis.  Due to the severity of the injuries, the subject was transported to ECRMC and later flown out to a trauma center San Diego due to his injuries.

This is an important opportunity to remind everyone that pedestrian versus vehicle collisions are very high in the City of El Centro and we would remind everyone, pedestrian and motorists alike, to please drive safely.