Imperial, California - The Imperial Irrigation District Board of Directors will conduct public hearings regarding proposed revisions to its electrical street, area and metered lighting LED rates and the Energy Cost Adjustment-Renewable rate in November.

The hearings will be held:

  • 5 p.m. Monday, November 19, Condit Auditorium, 1285 Broadway, El Centro.
  • 5 p.m. Monday, November 26, IID Boardroom, 81-600 Avenue 58, La Quinta.

Street, Area and Metered Lighting Rates

The district currently has approximately 500 street and area lighting customers with 15,400 lamps installed. Staff has worked on developing LED street and area light rates to reflect the benefits of energy efficient lighting.

The proposed rate schedules were updated to include current practices and standards related to lighting services. The proposed new rates are, at a minimum, 28 percent lower than traditional lighting. If approved, revisions to the rate schedule would go into effect in May 2019 to allow time for billing system programming.

Energy Cost Adjustment-Renewable Rate

Changes made in 2017 by the California Air Resources Board to the Cap-and-Trade regulation prohibit the volumetric return of greenhouse gas allowance proceeds to ratepayers. The proposed rate schedule change is to directly apply the allowance proceeds to the costs of renewable projects rather than a volumetric return through the ECA formula. The district would be in compliance and ratepayers will continue to receive the benefits from the reduction in renewable costs.   

Should the board approve the change to the rate schedule, it would go into effect January 2019.  

The hearings will be livestreamed, accessible from the district’s website at