Calexico, California - El Centro Sector Border Patrol agents assigned to the Calexico Station recovered drugs that were smuggled into the country near downtown Calexico on Friday.

On August 24, at approximately 5 p.m., Calexico Stations Remote Video Surveillance System (RVSS) operators observed a man illegally cross into the U.S. and run north near the Border View Apartments in Calexico.  Agents then witnessed the same individual immediately return south towards the fence and climb back into Mexico.

Border Patrol agents responded to the area where the individual was last seen and encountered a brown Volvo station wagon with the back windows lowered halfway.  There were no occupants in the vehicle, but agents could see two brown packages in the rear passenger compartment area.  A Border Patrol canine detection team responded and alerted to the vehicle.  Agents subsequently secured both packages and transported them to the Calexico station for further evaluation.

At the station the substance was tested and it was determined that it was positive for characteristics of methamphetamine.

The two bags of methamphetamine had a combined weight of 2.09 lbs. with an estimated value of $5,538.

The methamphetamine was turned over to Drug Enforcement Agency.

No arrests were made, and no suspects at this time.

This fiscal year, El Centro Sector agents have seized more than 1,037.44 pounds of methamphetamine, amounting to over $2.4 million.