Westmorland, California - Agents from the El Centro Sector Border Patrol’s Border Community Liaison Program assisted the Imperial County Public Health Department and Westmorland Union Elementary School in conducting their annual “Nutrition Olympics” on January. 26th.

Jorge Torres, Program Supervisor at the Imperial County Public Health Department said, “With child obesity becoming such an issue in Imperial County, it is more important than ever to keep children active.  Maintaining a healthy diet is equally important to the overall fitness of a child.  El Centro Sector Border Patrol has worked closely with the Imperial County Public Health Department and the Childhood Obesity Prevention Alliance to help bring attention and awareness to this issue over the last three years.”

The Nutrition Olympics is designed to introduce students to the benefits of having an active lifestyle.  Staying active can even help children prevent future health issues.  Children who stay physically active are also more likely to be successful in school.

The Westmorland Union Elementary School consists of approximately 350 students, but only kindergarten through third grade were selected to attend the Nutrition Olympics.  The students participated in various physical activities such as tug of war, potato sack races, ring toss, light weight lifting, balance balls, and hula-hoop games.

“If Border Patrol agents participating in community events are able to inspire the youth of our county to live a healthier lifestyle and make them feel more comfortable interacting with the uniformed men and women in law enforcement, then I consider that a win for everyone,” said Border Patrol Agent Trevor Ambrosini.

The Border Patrol’s Community Liaison Programs has been active in El Centro since 2012.  One of the programs primary responsibilities has been finding issues that are important to the local community and actively participating in programs and events that address these issues to improve the communities we live in.