Imperial, California - Today, directors approved the summary of terms for an agreement with Citizens Energy Corporation and Citizens Sunrise Transmission, LLC, directing staff to enter into negotiations for a 23-year power purchase agreement for 30 megawatts of solar energy to serve approximately 15,000 low-income qualified electric customers.

“The IID Board’s action, today, moves us forward in our goal to be able to provide our customers with an opportunity to support and benefit from clean, renewable, locally produced energy,” said Kevin Kelley, general manager.

The new solar project would be located on 200 acres of district land, leased to Citizens, and connected to IID’s electric system. The district will use the energy purchased from the project to lower the energy bills of its qualified low-income ratepayers. The district will have the option to purchase, own and operate the project equipment at the end of the agreement.

Citizens Energy, a non-profit energy company, currently has an existing commitment to invest in Citizens’ programs that serve low-income customers in IID’s service area. To date, investments have focused on rooftop solar; however, Citizens expressed a desire to establish a partnership with the district on the project, since it will provide benefits to more customers.

The estimated cost of purchased energy over the 23 years is $36 million. The IID community solar project could be operational by October 2018.