Rochester, Minnesota - Android users no longer have to miss out on all the research discoveries coming from Mayo Clinic. The newest issue of Discovery’s Edge, Mayo Clinic’s research magazine, is now available on all Android devices, as well as the iPad, online and in print. Research news from Mayo Clinic - however, whenever and wherever you want to read it.

Scottsdale, Arizona - Herbal supplements are natural, so they must be safe, right? Not necessarily. Herbal supplements can have strong effects in the body, and some can interact with prescription medications used to treat heart and circulatory problems, such as high blood pressure and heart failure. Some of these interactions can even be dangerous.

Scottsdale, Arizona - The holiday season often brings unwelcome guests - stress and depression. And it's no wonder. The holidays present a dizzying array of demands - parties, shopping, baking, cleaning and entertaining, to name just a few.

Scottsdale, Arizona - Your family medical history, sometimes called a medical family tree, is a record of illnesses and medical conditions affecting your family members. Here's why a family medical history can come in handy - and how to create a family medical history of your own.

Imperial, California - You can get an effective aerobic workout with both an elliptical machine and a treadmill. In general, you can let your fitness goals determine whether you choose an elliptical machine or a treadmill - or a different piece of exercise equipment.

Imperial, California - A new report published by Ameriprise Financial shows that retirees will need an average of about $230,000 per household for out-of-pocket health care costs in their old age, according to the Association of Mature American Citizens.