Washington, DC - Today, the Partnership for Public Service released the results of the 2015 Best Places to Work in the Federal Government rankings, with the Department of State tying for third overall among the 19 large federal agencies. The Department of State scored especially high (second) in the areas of innovation and strategic management. Positive feedback from employees has placed the agency in the top three for the past two years, and in the top five for the past four years.

The Best Places to Work rankings – which reflect federal employee satisfaction and commitment -- are based on responses from 421,000 federal workers in the Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey. It is the most comprehensive assessment of how federal employees perceive their jobs and agencies, providing insights into issues ranging from leadership to pay, to teamwork and work-life balance. The rankings include 391 federal organizations – representing 97 percent of the executive branch workforce.

Department of State leadership pays close attention to the Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey and other employee surveys’ results, as they indicate areas to improve our program efficiency and effectiveness in advancing America’s interests. To view all the rankings and analyses of the results, visit www.bestplacestowork.org.