Sacramento, California - This week, three bills authored by Assemblymember Eduardo Garcia passed the Senate Environmental Quality Committee. Said committee has jurisdiction over bills related to water quality, cap-and-trade, and the environment. Since taking office Garcia has prioritized issues relating to public health and safety, particularly given air quality concerns attributed to non-attainment in the region and increased windblown dust from the Salton Sea, as well as water quality issues related to elevated levels of chromium-6 and arsenic in the Coachella Valley.

“Water and air quality issues directly impact the quality of life for the constituents I represent. Lack of clean air and water can lead to negative economic consequences for the region. This bill package will increase transparency as it relates to the distribution of cap-and-trade funds, improve air quality by targeting large sources of pollution, and help ensure that the state is investing dollars into disadvantage communities from environmental fines collected. These types of issues have statewide implications. I am proud to champion bills that will help address environmental concerns of communities throughout the state,” said Assemblymember Garcia.

  • AB 197 - Creates a Joint Legislative Committee on Climate Change to ascertain facts and make recommendations to the Legislature on the state’s programs and policies related to climate change. Also, directs the Air Resources Board to adopt measures to help achieve the state’s greenhouse gas reduction goals by focusing on large stationary sources and the transportation sector, among others.

  • AB 2653 - Expands the reporting requirements of the Climate Change Report Card to include key economic and community development outcomes that are the result of state agencies expending moneys from the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund (GGRF).

  • AB 2781 – Requires that all boards, department and offices within the California Environmental Protection Agency invest 10% of an enforcement action fines collected into disadvantaged communities for projects that help improve the environment.

Last year, Assemblymember Garcia authored legislation to help increase access to clean drinking water for communities facing high levels of arsenic in their drinking water, as well as ensuring border communities qualified for cap-and-trade dollars. This year, Garcia is building on those efforts to address ongoing environmental issues.  All bills are now headed to the Senate Appropriations Committee for fiscal policy review, if passed they will then head to the Senate Floor for a vote.