Holtville, California - San Diego Charger's Kicker Josh Lambo and nose tackle Ryan Carrethers will be on hand as Holtville High School holds a ribbon-cutting ceremony to unveil new fitness equipment Wednesday, April 13, thanks to a $35,000 grant awarded by the Chargers Champions program in 2014.

Washington, DC - Tomorrow, on Equal Pay Day, President Obama will designate a new national monument at a historic location in Washington, D.C., to honor the movement for women’s equality. The new Belmont-Paul Women’s Equality National Monument will protect the iconic house that has served as the headquarters for the National Woman’s Party since 1929. From this house, known in recent years as the Sewall-Belmont House, members of the Party led the movement for women’s equality, authoring more than 600 pieces of federal, state and local legislation in support of equal rights.

Los Angeles, California - UCLA Anderson Forecast’s first quarterly report in 2016 for the United States calls for continued, though slightly slower, growth while expecting inflation to rise above the Federal Reserve Board’s 2.0 percent target. Growth in the national economy will be driven by increases in consumer spending and housing, as well as an end to the inventory correction currently underway.

Cambridge, Massachusetts - Single-cell analysis is a groundbreaking approach now being used across biological fields to explore a common problem: how to study cellular diversity in cell environments with heterogeneous populations. Such diversity can have profound implications for cell survival and proliferation, response to drug therapies and interventions, as well as myriad other biological processes.

Stanford, California - Bustling cities, sprawling suburbs and blossoming agricultural regions might seem strong evidence that people have always dominated the environment. A Stanford study of South America's colonization shows that human populations did not always grow unchecked, but were at one time limited by local resources – just like any other species.

Seattle, Washington - In the maelstrom of information, opinion and conjecture that is Twitter, the voice of truth and reason does occasionally prevail.