Washington, DC - Today, the Energy Department is announcing an additional competitively awarded multi-year SuperTruck II project. PACCAR Inc. joins four other SuperTruck II teams to develop innovative technologies that more than double the freight efficiency of Class 8 trucks, commonly known as 18-wheelers.  PACCAR has been selected to receive up to $8 million in fiscal year (FY) 2017 funds.  With this award, the five SuperTruck II projects will have received a total of $40 million in FY 2016 and FY 2017 funds.

Washington, DC - The Question: I was having coffee with several of my neighbors the other day, and the long-term financial health of Social Security came up. With all of the media coverage of the program running out of reserves in a few years, the issue of "means testing" for benefits came up as a partial solution to the forecasted shortfall. This sounds to me like something that should be considered, but then somebody mentioned that Social Security is already means tested, and he mentioned taxation and something called "bend points."  Now, I'm really confused! Can you explain? Signed ~ Mixed up.

Washington, DC - The American Red Cross is working day and night to get help to where it is needed most. Rain continues to fall, thousands of people have already been forced to abandon their homes, leaving everything they own behind. It is anticipated that many more families will be impacted as rain continues to fall and flooding persists. The area could get as much as 50 inches of rain before Harvey leaves the region. The area of Texas that's currently underwater is comparable to the size of Lake Michigan.

Washington, DC - On September 21, Navy installations will participate in the second annual Bells Across America for Fallen Service Members ceremony to honor those who died while on active duty.

Gainesville, Florida - Over the past few days, Google has removed over 300 applications from its Android App Store, the Google Play Store, after being alerted that they contained malware used for creating DDoS attacks.

Washington, DC - Following a trial, a federal court has found Terrason Spinks and his company, Jet Processing Inc., liable for more than $280 million in consumer harm caused by the IWorks scheme.