Yosemite, California - Yosemite National Park's waterfalls are flowing again due to two days of significant rainfall in the Yosemite area. Waterfalls such as Yosemite Falls, Bridalveil Fall, and Cascade Fall are going full force due to recent storms. Snow levels remain high and roads leading into Yosemite Valley are open and clear.

"To see Yosemite Falls coming to life this morning is truly exhilarating," stated Don Neubacher, Yosemite National Park Superintendent. "This is a wonderful time to visit Yosemite National Park and the waterfalls just add to the magnificence of the park."

Highways 140, 120, and 41 leading into Yosemite Valley are open and clear. The Hetch Hetchy Road remains open as well. However, the Tioga Road and Glacier Point Road remain closed due to snow and icy conditions. Visitors are urged to call 209-372-0200 for up-to-date, 24 hour road and weather information. Updated road conditions are also on the park's website at www.nps.gov/yose.