Los Angeles, California - Cooperative platform of sustainability partnerships has launched a unique pay it forward crowdfunding that includes recruitment, marketing, public relations and full support to help people raise funds for sustainability projects, and is hosting a conference call Dec 3rd, 7 pm PST about how to fund projects through pay it forward crowdfunding.

Sustainability Partnerships, located in Los Angeles, California, is comprised of a non-profit, a Pay It Forward company, individuals, foundations, companies, and agencies. The inspiration behind this cooperative platform stems back to an inspiring 1978 vision about sustainability.

Pay it forward crowdfunding is significantly different than other crowdfundings, and the main points that make it so unique are as follows. Pay It Forward CrowdFunding is the brainchild of cooperative platform of sustainability partnerships, which is owned by the participant via an equity program, as a means to support sustainability dreams and causes. There are no penalties to effect participants as is customary with others; the platform helps participants to recruit donations, and participants can raise funds for various projects. There no fees, no costs, no percentage requirements, and participants can keep 100% of every donation that they raise for their projects. That includes all marketing and public relations support listed in main page. Also, there are no time deadlines for participants to lose their donations, thus participants can continue raising funds for as long as they keep their project page active.

It’s simple, the platform builds participant’s crowdfunding page for them, with links to their site, social media and donations. Participants can partner with other sustainability dreams and causes, and they can reach 1,000’s of media reporters like ABC, NYT, CBS, etc. Projects can expand their audience to millions of people to help more people. Pay it forward crowdfunding pages include links so that projects can receive donations, including job offers and compensation programs for everyone. Pay it forward crowdfunding pages include a full write up about participating projects, can be added into a growing sustainability directory, and includes radio interviews to promote participant’s sustainability projects. Participants can also add their testimonial on the platform’s main landing page with a "read more" link pointing to participants' crowdfunding accounts. Basically, it’s a means of bringing support and funding for the little guy and offers sustainability for all.

The goal is to provide a cooperative platform of sustainability partnerships to support sustainability geniuses and breakthroughs. This is accomplished via multifaceted strengths of participating partnerships, individuals, companies, non-profits, causes and agencies.

Click here to learn more. It’s like walking the extra mile, by not only teaching people to fish, but rather empowering teams of people by providing the tools and resources that empower individuals to catch their own fish, such as facilitation systems, urban farms, affordable housing, clean energy, subsidized businesses, equity and profit sharing.