Sacramento, California - Assemblymember Eduardo Garcia (D-Coachella), Chairman of the Joint Committee on Climate Change Policies brought together both the Senate Committee on Energy, Utilities and Communications and the Assembly Committee on Utilities and Energy for a collaborative hearing on efforts to decarbonize the electric grid. This joint hearing created a platform for the Legislature and stakeholders to engage in a comprehensive discussion about our state’s long-term energy goals.

“These conversations are critical as we work to achieve our 2030 greenhouse gas emission goals. We need to take a comprehensive approach to better plan for powering California’s future in a way that ensures grid reliability, affordability, and meets the unique needs of regions across our state. Diversifying our renewable energy portfolio will open up opportunities to provide optimal expansion of public health and economic co-benefits of the buildup of these technologies,” stated Garcia.

Assemblymember Eduardo Garcia’s district is particularly ripe with renewable energy potential, geothermal chief among them. Despite the increased reliability of geothermal, these resources have been greatly neglected in energy conversations at hand and legislation moving forward. This lapse prompted Garcia to introduce AB 893; sparking dialogue around this local priority.

Garcia continued, “The areas surrounding the Salton Sea in my district wield tremendous potential for geothermal development that remains largely untapped. Geothermal power is a renewable energy resource that has been overlooked in these conversations and is one that would add diversity to our energy portfolio with added reliability and predictability while providing significant air quality and economic benefits for the underserved Imperial County communities I represent.”

In addition to Garcia’s AB 893, California Renewables Portfolio Standard Program the Legislature is also considering Senator Kevin De Leon’s SB 100 that just passed the Assembly Committee on Utilities and Energy, which would establish a 100 percent clean energy goal, Senator Dodd’s SB 1088 that focuses efforts on safety and fire prevention as well as Assemblymember Holden’s AB 813 that advances a regionalization approach.