Sacramento, California - Immigration unrest has unearthed more than a humanitarian crisis; it has also wreaked havoc with our economic stability and our nation’s fundamental ideals based upon respect of the family unit and the right to life, liberty and, the pursuit of happiness. Thursday, yet again Washington’s Congressional leadership postponed a vote on their immigration proposal. In the wake of what has been a dark and disturbing period for America, Assemblymember Eduardo Garcia (D-Coachella) calls for leadership and action.

Assemblymember Garcia’s district spans the Mexicali border and is home to predominantly migrant farmworker family communities that have been heavily distressed by heightened immigration patrols near workplaces, schools, and hospitals.

This year, Garcia has reached across the aisle to offer California’s viable legislative solution.  AB 1885, the California Resident Worker and Economic Stabilization Act and AJR 34 intersect our core values, the well-being of families with the overall fate of our economy.

Assemblymember Eduardo Garcia has provided the following statement:

“If the wailing of infants being ripped out of the arms of their parents does not prompt Congress to come together on immigration reform – what will?  We can no longer afford to wait on Washington. As demonstrated in this latest immigration proposal flop, Congress has proven time and time again that they are unable to put aside their partisan gridlock and come to a consensus on this critical issue.”

“All the horrific images that have come to light of the inhumane separation of families that have been allowed to transpire at our borders will forever remain as a dark stain of shame upon our nation’s history and a time where the Presidential Administration turned its back on our core values. The President’s Executive Order, induced by public outcry and global outrage is not enough. It will neither undo the irreparable damage that has occurred nor offers a substantive policy solution to this looming crisis. We also have a responsibility to ensure the swift reunification of the thousands of separated children.”

“California and I will no longer abide for terror tactics and partisan rhetoric that uses the lives of people and children as political bargaining chips. It is sickening. California remains resilient and steadfast defenders of our nation’s fundamental ideals and values.”

“This year, I put forward AB 1885 and AJR 34 as California’s proposed solutions. Together these measures are as much about safeguarding our economic stability as they are about keeping families together.”

“Our California Resident Worker Program and Economic Stabilization Act, drafted with staunch bipartisan support, would organize a working group to establish a model for the implementation of a resident worker permit program. The state would work with the federal government to allow all currently unauthorized workers in California’s agriculture and service industries to remain working in California until Congress enacts comprehensive immigration reform policy.”

“California is responsible for over one-third of the nation’s food, and over sixty percent of our state’s farmworkers are unauthorized. These are hardworking, highly skilled people and families that have already ingrained their lives in our communities. This precarious predicament requires immediate action and leadership. AB 1885 and AJR 37 are solutions that must move forward.”