Pensacola, Florida - The Navy Flight Demonstration Squadron, the Blue Angels, is seeking highly motivated Navy officer and enlisted applicants.

Washington, DC - One massive data leak after another, then another and then another – calling it a routine would be an understatement. Alteryx, a California-based data analytics firm is the latest in line to expose the sensitive personal information of millions of Americans publicly. How many exactly? 123 million. We’ve heard “Information of millions of Americans leaked” so many times in recent memory that we’ve moved past the point where it used to surprise us. The Alteryx data leak was discovered by UpGuard, a cybersecurity firm based out of California.

New Orleans, Louisiana - As 2017 comes to a close, Food Tank has collected news highlights from the food and agriculture world to share with you. We witnessed a monumental shift in global politics, a series of natural disasters, and indications of growing malnutrition and obesity. And yet, the signs of a growing movement for food security, justice, and sustainability are everywhere. Companies are updating animal welfare policies, governments are starting to step up to protect pollinators, and young people are not only speaking out, but are increasingly forcing change in our food system.

Washington, DC - Today, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) announced $12 million in new funding for eight projects to advance predictive modeling capabilities for solar generation. These models will lead to more accurate forecasts of solar generation levels, enabling utilities to better manage the variability and uncertainty of solar power and improve grid reliability.

Sacramento, California - CDFA Animal Health branch chief Dr. Kent Fowler was honored this year by the United States Animal Health Association (USAHA) with its National Assembly Award, presented annually in recognition of outstanding, dedicated service and leadership in regulatory veterinary medicine.

Washington, DC - The National Science Foundation (NSF) joins with other U.S. federal agencies and international partners in its support for a declaration to create an International Brain Initiative.