Washington, DC - Allergens are widespread, but highly variable in U.S. homes, according to the nation’s largest indoor allergen study to date. Researchers from the National Institutes of Health report that over 90 percent of homes had three or more detectable allergens, and 73 percent of homes had at least one allergen at elevated levels. The findings (link is external) were published November 30 in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology.

Washington, DC - NIH’s All of Us Research Program and the National Library of Medicine (NLM) have teamed up to raise awareness about the program, a landmark effort to advance precision medicine. Through this collaboration, the National Network of Libraries of Medicine has received a $4.5 million award to support community engagement efforts by public libraries across the United States and to improve participant access.

Washington, DC - A new CDC Vital Signs report published today finds that HIV is being diagnosed sooner after infection than was previously reported. According to the report, the estimated median time from HIV infection to diagnosis was three years in 2015. CDC previously estimated that, in 2011, the median time from HIV infection to diagnosis was three years and seven months.

Scottsdale, Arizona - How easy is it for you to crawl around on the floor? And, once you're down there, are you able to get back up again? Dani Johnson, a physical therapist with Mayo Clinic's Healthy Living Program, says as people age, they move less, which can make simple movements difficult.

Scottsdale, Arizona - A diabetes diet simply means eating the healthiest foods in moderate amounts and sticking to regular mealtimes.

A diabetes diet is a healthy-eating plan that's naturally rich in nutrients and low in fat and calories. Key elements are fruits, vegetables and whole grains. In fact, a diabetes diet is the best eating plan for most everyone.

Rochester, Minnesota - While it may be tempting to have another round of Thanksgiving leftovers – or any snack – before you turn in tonight, you may regret it.