Sacramento, California - Cal OES Director Mark Ghilarducci today secured a Fire Management Assistance Grant (FMAG) from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to help ensure the availability of vital resources to suppress the Soberanes Fire burning in Monterey County near Carmel Garrapata State Park. This grant also enables local, state and tribal agencies to recover eligible costs.

Escondido, California - Under the watchful eye of their mom, Joanne, three critically endangered Sumatran tiger cubs—Cathy, Debbie and Nelson—explored an area new to them inside the Tull Family Tiger Trail at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park this morning (July 28, 2016). Until today, the cubs had been spending their days in the habitat’s maternity yard, an area specially designed for young, growing tiger cubs. In this yard, they could safely practice building their natural behaviors: running, jumping, climbing trees and, through their sense of smell, gaining awareness of their surroundings—all things that tigers need to survive in the wild.

Sacramento, California - Due to the signing of the Medical Marijuana Regulation and Safety Act (MMRSA) by Governor Jerry Brown, which went into effect January 2016, the California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) will begin issuing state cannabis cultivation licenses in January 2018.  A newly created division within CDFA, the Medical Cannabis Cultivation Program (MCCP), is preparing for and developing the licensing process and has launched a survey to assess the number of applications they might receive for cultivation licenses or for use of the Track and Trace system once these programs are in place. 

Sacramento, California - The California State Board of Food and Agriculture will hold a discussion on the state’s regulatory and licensing framework for medical cannabis on August 2 in Sacramento. The board will also be discussing GMO labeling following the recent passage of federal legislation. The meeting will be held from 10:00 a.m. to 3:15 p.m. at the California Department of Food and Agriculture – Main Auditorium, 1220 N Sacramento.

Los Angeles, California - “Come read with me.”

Those can be some of the most powerful words in the development of any child’s ability to read and write. For children who are deaf or hard-of-hearing and living in bilingual homes, the “come read with me” invitation becomes even more crucial to their literacy development.

Whiskeytown, California - Law enforcement rangers from the National Park Service and the Bureau of Land Management and Wardens from California Department of Fish and Wildlife located and destroyed two large marijuana cultivation sites within Whiskeytown National Recreation Area. The first raid took place in the Crystal Creek drainage where two men were found sleeping in their barbed wire protected "camp." Some 7,680 plants were removed and over 3,000 pounds of garbage was flown out utilizing a National Guard Black Hawk helicopter.