Washington, DC - Today, Rep. Juan Vargas is participating in the 15th Congressional Civil Rights Pilgrimage in Alabama. The event is taking place March 6-8, 2015 at various landmarks of the Civil Rights Movement. This trip is organized by the Faith and Politics Institute and is comprised of a bipartisan group of Members of Congress from both chambers.

Washington, DC - If you watch as much TV as we do, you may have been tempted to reach for the phone to order the Snuggie, that blanket with sleeves for couch potatoes; Forever Comfy, the answer to rump-sprung chairs; or a host of other items sold by New York-based Allstar Marketing Group. And if one Magic Mesh, Cat's Meow, Roto Punch, or Perfect Tortilla wasn’t enough, the ads reeled buyers in with a “double the offer” buy-one-get-one-free promotion the FTC and New York Attorney General said was misleading.

Washington, DC - In another step to enhance the FTC’s website, I'm pleased to announce that our agency has enabled encryption by default (HTTPS) for ftc.gov, our primary public domain, and home of the Tech@FTC blog. Ironically, as I was preparing this post, the entire internet has been FREAKing out about another vulnerability in SSL.

Washington, DC - Lawmakers joined with the Association of Mature American Citizens this week at a Social Security Working Group meeting intended "to light a fire" in Congress on the issue, according to association president Dan Weber.

Washington, DC - Secretary of State John Kerry: "The first day I walked into the State Department as Secretary, David Wade had already been quietly sworn in the day before to start work on Mahogany Row as my Chief of Staff. He promised to stay a year in his job, but true to form, he went above and beyond, giving me and the Department more than two years of the kind of remarkable service he's given me for close to two decades.

Washington, DC - On February 27, 2014, President Barack Obama launched “My Brother’s Keeper” (MBK) and issued a powerful call to action to close opportunity gaps still faced by too many young people, and often by boys and young men of color in particular.