Washington, DC - As part of the Department of Justice’s comprehensive, ongoing review of the asset forfeiture program, Attorney General Eric Holder today issued a policy focusing the use of asset forfeiture authorities on the most serious illegal banking transactions, restricting civil or criminal forfeiture seizures for structuring until after a defendant has been criminally charged or has been found to have engaged in additional criminal activity, in most cases.

Washington, DC - "I regret that Chairman Chaffetz and his staff have taken the unprecedented and unnecessary step of subpoenaing two members of the U.S. Secret Service with the responsibility for the protection of the President, his family and the White House complex. Chairman Chaffetz’s assertion that this Department has been “uncooperative” is simply wrong."

Jefferson City, Missouri - Two central Missouri residents pleaded guilty in federal court Monday to crimes related to the distribution of thousands of kilograms of synthetic marijuana, commonly referred to as K2.

Washington, DC - Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack today announced the award of $31 million in loans and grants for organizations in 12 states to promote rural economic development.

Washington, DC - Today, President Barack Obama granted commutations of sentence to the following 22 individuals:

Newport, Rhode Island - Maritime security leaders gathered at U.S. Naval War College (NWC) in Newport, Rhode Island, March 25-26, to focus global military attention on seapower during the EMC Chair Symposium "Maritime Power and International Security."