Congressman Vargas Ramps Up Fight to Extend Emergency Unemployment Insurance

Washington, DC - In his continued pursuit to defend unemployment insurance benefits for millions of Americans, Rep. Juan Vargas (CA-51) proudly cosponsored H.R. 3824, the “Emergency Unemployment Compensation Extension Act,” introduced by Rep. John Tierney (MA-6).  This bill would provide for the extension of certain unemployment benefits. 

This week, Rep. Vargas also joined 48 Freshman House Democrats to urge Speaker John Boehner (OH-8) to schedule an immediate, up-or-down vote to extend emergency unemployment insurance and gave a speech on the House Floor.

“Extending emergency unemployment insurance benefits to the more than 1.3 million Americans who are struggling to find employment is a top priority for me,” said Rep. Vargas.  “The House Majority has chosen a path of inaction, which as we have witnessed, does nothing but leave Americans who are facing financial hardship even more vulnerable.  Providing unemployment insurance should not be a partisan issue.”

Vargas, whose speech on the House Floor highlighted the devastating effects facing individuals and families who have lost unemployment benefits, joined 48 Freshman Democrats in writing a letter to Speaker Boehner that read, “Mr. Speaker, our constituents elected us to Congress to govern. The American people deserve an immediate vote to extend unemployment insurance benefits. Congress – and our economy – cannot afford to sit idle as so many Americans desperately wait for us to act.”

“Every day that Congress does not act, thousands more Americans lose unemployment insurance benefits.  In California alone, 214,000 individuals have lost benefits, with an additional 326,000 facing the same fate,” stated Rep. Vargas.  “Benefits must be reinstated so Americans can focus on searching for employment without fear of going hungry or being forced into the streets.”

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