Santa Barbara, California - For decades, women in business strove to become members of the boys' club. We mimicked how men thought, communicated, and even dressed. But now, trying too hard to tap into our "masculine side" has gone the way of severely tailored 1980s power wear (complete with giant shoulder pads). Women have realized that we think and communicate differently which means that we also lead differently. And here's the best news because our natural skill set is increasingly valued in the global economy, we're perfectly positioned to become today's and tomorrow's leaders.

Hollywood, California - Groupon, the global leader in online local commerce has entered new territory by offering its first-ever digital download movie, "The Squeeze".

Imperial, California - There's no fool like an old fool, the saying goes, and the proof is in the fact that seniors have become a prime target for conmen, reports the Association of Mature American Citizens.

Scottsdale, Arizona - Exercise is vital to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Accessing specialized, quality care is becoming easier through virtual meet-ups and skype training, it is more efficient and convenient to log into live video chats with a fitness coach.  The wave of the future for healthy living and exercise is through virtual consultations with qualified trainers and fitness coaches. 

Germantown, Maryland - Designed to provide immediate aid to those in need, the Silent Beacon app allows users to get in touch directly with emergency personnel, or loved ones. Using a list of pre-stored contacts the Silent Beacon app will send a mass text message, emails and push notifications in the event of an emergency with your live GPS position.

Santa Barbara, California - Fifteen years into the new millennium, we've all heard (and heard some more) that the ability to collaborate is a crucial skill in the global economy. And it's not hard to see why. The problems faced by today's organizations have gotten so incredibly complex that a diverse range of skill sets is needed to solve them. After all, no one can possibly be good at everything. No two people will ever arrive at exactly the same solution. And of course, there's an amazing synergy that arises when we join forces with others.