"Drop Me" Without a Plan

San Diego, California - Readers vote on where to "drop me" without a plan. What began as a website will soon be a book! Think Julie/Julia meets Eat, Pray, Love.

What the heck is it?

Have you ever wanted to travel someplace but been overwhelmed by the prospect of planning your trip? Or are you the person who feels you must have every minute of your trip planned or you will miss something, or perhaps be arrested and spend the rest of your days in a foreign prison making friends with rats? Well then, this book is for you. It’s also for those who just enjoy great story-telling. It’s a Travel Memoir with a Twist. It began with the website www.DropMeAnywhere.com where readers voted on where I traveled without a plan. In fact, they still do!

The website is still going and readers are currently voting where they will “drop me” next. I travel to the chosen locations within 2 weeks of each vote closing. I plan as little as possible – flight (stand-by if possible, first night or two lodging). Once I arrive, I figure out what’s there. I talk to locals and find out the best places to eat and drink, the most exciting adventures, the best museums, what the people are like and more. And then I tell readers about them in an engaging, and humorous style.

What else is in there?

There’s also philanthropy. Once I arrive in the chosen location I find a local organization or project with which I volunteer for a day or part of a day. Descriptions of these organizations will also be included in the book. I’ll let you know what they do, who they help and how you can get involved.

How will the book differ from the website?

While the website is a big part of the project due to the interactive premise of readers deciding where I go, the book is a different beast. While each day tends to be a different story in the blog, the book will be written as a memoir of the year of doing this project. The book will also tell the untold stories from the road. Like any good memoir, you can think of these stories as the ‘sex, drugs and rock-n-roll’ of the book (I’m saving these stories). I also plan to hold back telling any of the stories from a couple of the trips. People will vote, but they’ll have to wait for the book for these stories.

How will the money be used?

This book is different than some others in that I can’t go to a day job and come home to research and write at night. The travel is the research. The money won’t cover the whole thing, but I’ve worked hard to save some money over the last couple of years and I also do some writing on the side for some corporate clients and media. Here and there I do a few trips in my old business of corporate meeting management in order help support my writing and myself.

But wait, there’s more. . .

You can also support the project by donating miles. Yes, through the website you can click on the donate miles page in order to find out how. The challenge here is that the airlines charge to gift miles. Kickstarter money may be used to cover this fee as well as taxes and fees charged when the miles are used. Miles are more challenging to use and using them for flights is never free, but I like to offer options.

What makes me qualified to write this book?

I’ve worked in various sectors of the travel industry for twenty years. I’ve worked on board cruise ships, as a camping/adventure tour guide, an international tour manager, in hotels (I was the Director of Fun) and in onsite logistical management of corporate meeting and incentive programs. I’ve been writing professionally for six years. I write tour brochures and client communications for corporate clients, blogs for corporate websites, travel, tourism, and tourism policy articles for news websites and articles for industry magazines, I’m passionate about both travel and writing. I love showing others the various sights and cultures around the world, either in person or in the written word.

What people are saying about Drop Me Anywhere

“Excellent series – kept me captivated every day! So visual with your descriptions I could actually imagine myself there. You really have a gift for storytelling. Thanks for taking us all on the journey with you. Will look forward to traveling with you again in the future.”

“Hilarious…you are good at making the frustrations of traveling hilarious!”

“Statue is beautiful! I love the story about how they gave you a tour on a non-tour day!”

“It’s been so much fun to follow your adventure. Thanks for doing this project and for sharing! It is inspiring.”

“The veiled virgin – what an incredible sight – you’re right – I couldn’t imagine how marble could be made transparent. Thanks for that”

“Great piece. Wonderful for you to drop in and find your way in to give back so quickly. Good on you!”

“You really are a terrific writer. Glad you had fun in the cold weather… at least they didn’t make you shovel. Can’t wait to see what you post tomorrow.”

"“Deed I is me ole cock…”? Yikes, though intriguing. Again, you’ve brought us inside your trip. Kissing cod and the whole lamb tagine deal, which I’m in for. (I don’t share either). Thanks!”

“Ah, the travel days the guidebooks don’t mention! Glad you do, since a weird day makes for good stories afterward.”

“Thanks for bringing us along! Looking forward to keeping with your travels.”

“Congratulations, err, I think?! Seriously, this is such a unique and very cool concept that I look forward to reading more about how this big adventure plays out for you. Kudos for your initiative.”

“Wow, Carole. This was an excellent read. You are so hysterical, even when dealing with such a backwards dilemma.”

“Very exciting and creative venture you’ve created- love it!”

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