Congressman Vargas Takes a Stand to Protect SNAP Recipients

Washington, DC - Today, Congressman Juan Vargas (CA-51) issued the following statement after the U.S. House of Representatives voted on and passed H.R. 2642, the Federal Agriculture Reform and Risk Management (FARRM) Act:

“I have fought tirelessly to ensure that the Farm Bill includes funding for programs that are of particular benefit to my district and California as a whole.  I was pleased that crucial provisions supporting California’s specialty crops, expanding agricultural exports, funding food banks and Community Food Projects, and protecting rural housing were included in the final bill.

“However, I could not in good conscious support a bill that attempts to balance the nation’s budget on the backs of our seniors, children, and veterans.  The Farm Bill cuts more than $8 billion from SNAP, forcing those who are already struggling in this economy to face further hardship.  It is imperative to remember that more than a quarter of SNAP beneficiaries live in households with seniors or people with disabilities.  In California alone, 84% of SNAP recipients are families with children, and 82,000 are veterans.

“The Farm Bill is being touted as reducing the deficit, yet it would still successfully save $15 billion without making any cuts to SNAP.  Congress must find a better way of putting our fiscal house in order than taking food out of the mouths of our children, veterans, and seniors.”

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