Taxpayers’ Bill of Rights Hearings

Sacramento, California - The Board of Equalization’s (BOE) annual Taxpayers’ Bill of Rights hearings in Sacramento on May 22, 2014 will provide California Taxpayers an opportunity to discuss best practices; teach taxpayers how to maneuver through the bureaucracy; and educate people on their rights as taxpayers. Share with your elected Board Members your thoughts on how to improve the administration of business and property taxes.

The Taxpayers’ Bill of Rights hearings begin at approximately 1:30 p.m. at the following location:

When: Thursday, May 22, 2014

Where: Board of Equalization Headquarters Building

1st Floor Board Room, Room 121

450 N Street

Sacramento, California 95814

Individuals interested in making a presentation at either the Business Taxpayers’ or the Property Taxpayers’ Bill of Rights Hearing are invited to contact the BOE Taxpayers’ Rights Advocate Office by calling toll-free 1-888-324-2798, or by email at

Enacted in January 1989, the Harris-Katz California Taxpayers’ Bill of Rights requires the BOE to ensure that the rights of California taxpayers are protected during the assessment and collection of sales and uses taxes. The Taxpayers’ Bill of Rights was expanded in 1993 to include special tax programs such as excise, fuel, and alcohol taxes, and the Morgan Property Taxpayers’ Bill of Rights was added in 1994. The Board is required by law to conduct public Bill of Rights hearings annually.

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