Category: Imperial Valley

El Centro, California - This morning, just after midnight, El Centro Police patrol officers were dispatched to the area of 1200 Adams regarding a female who had possibly been stabbed. Units arrived in the area and were unable to locate the female victim. Officers conducted additional follow up and drove to the Emergency Room at El Centro Regional Medical Center to see if a victim could be located. When an officer arrived at the ER, a cab also arrived with a female later identified as a 22 year old transient from El Centro, and was a victim of a stabbing. 

The victim said she was approached from behind by an unknown suspect in an alley of Adams Avenue. The suspect stabbed her with a switchblade knife and attempted to steal her bag.  Little information was provided regarding a description of the suspect.  The suspects face was said to have been covered. The victim sustained stab wounds to her back, finger, and ear. The injuries were not threatening and the victim was treated at the ER. 

At this time, the El Centro Police Department ask that anyone with information related to this case, please contact the El Centro Police Department Investigations Division (760) 337-4525.