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Washington, DC - The Navy updated the Selective Reenlistment Bonus (SRB) award plan for active component (AC) and full time support (FTS) Sailors in NAVADMIN 311/17 released yesterday.

This NAVADMIN updates the June 2017 SRB plan released in NAVADMIN 144/17 and includes 26 award level increases, 22 award level decreases, seven skill additions, and 11 skill removals.

SRB serve as an incentive for those Sailors with critical skills and experience to remain in the Navy. Sailors can keep abreast of award changes through the Navy's SRB webpage at  and review the NAVADMIN, which contains a complete listing of changes to skills award levels eligible for SRBs.

Enlisted community managers continuously monitor the health of their community to maintain acceptable manning levels in critical skills, and recommend adjustments to SRBs when necessary.

Skill removals and award level decreases take effect 30 days after notification through release of the NAVADMIN or posting on the Navy Personnel Command website, whichever is earliest.

Eligible Sailors desiring SRB reenlistment are encouraged to work with their command career counselors, command master chiefs and chain of command to discuss timing of reenlistment and procedures well before their End of Active Obligated Service. Requests are required to be submitted a minimum of 35 days prior to the requested reenlistment date.