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Sacramento, California - Assemblymember Eduardo Garcia (D-Coachella) has released the following statement regarding Attorney General Jeff Sessions' legal action against the State of California:

​"For over a year, the Trump Administration has launched a full-fledged assault on our nation's core values. Values California still holds and defends. Our states resolve remains strong and will not be shaken by these political stunts, unfounded theatrics, and divisive maneuvers. Governor Brown and Attorney General Becerra have made that point clear, and I commend their response to this unprecedented litigation."

“California stands and will continue to stand with and for immigrants. The Legislature has made many strides to pass legislation and move forward policies that will protect the rights and ensure the dignity of all residents."

"This lawsuit misrepresents those policies. The pieces of legislation listed, including SB 54, The California Values Act and AB 450, The Immigrant Worker Protection Act, were not introduced to impede upon the federal government or interfere with federal law enforcement proceedings but rather realizes the distinct difference between criminals and hardworking, law-abiding immigrants. These legislative initiatives will help to provide greater stability, safeguard due process and increase public safety for families, communities, and workplaces across the state.

"Our golden state was built upon the contributions of generations of immigrant populations, and they remain an integral component of our thriving economy."

"Immigrants contribute about $715 billion to our GDP. Tourism, service, and agriculture sustain the economies of the Coachella, Valley, Blythe, and Imperial Valley communities I represent. These vital industries are predominantly reliant upon a steady immigrant workforce. California agriculture alone is a $42.6 billion industry whose productivity stands in jeopardy with current federal immigration unease and fear-mongering."

"This catastrophic threat to our economy prompted me to introduce AB 1885, California Resident Worker Program and Economic Stabilization Act; to encourage the federal government to set aside their partisan gridlock on immigration and join our states bipartisan efforts to address this critical labor shortage crisis."

"California is a leader and we will continue to lead together, in a bipartisan, inclusive manner; reflective of our values. This erroneous lawsuit will not deter our positive trajectory of policy objectives.”