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Oslo, Norway - Experts from twenty-five countries, both nuclear weapon states and non-nuclear weapon states gathered in Oslo, Norway from November 16-18, to launch the work of the International Partnership for Nuclear Disarmament Verification.

Norway’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs hosted the second plenary meeting of the IPNDV to discuss the latest research on monitoring and verification and the technical challenges associated with the verification of nuclear disarmament. Experts from several international treaty organizations as well as scientific research organizations provided briefings on a variety of subjects related to nuclear disarmament verification. Meeting attendees also visited Norway’s Institute for Energy Technology, where they saw firsthand the procedures and technologies developed for the UK-Norway Initiative on Nuclear Warhead Dismantlement Verification.

The Partners finalized Terms of Reference for each of the three working groups established under the Partnership, providing the framework for these groups to begin their technical discussions and work. The Terms of Reference for each working group will be made public shortly.

The three working groups will convene in February in Geneva. The Partners will receive an update from the Working Groups at the third IPNDV plenary which Japan has offered to host in Tokyo in 2016.